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How Come How Long (STEVIE’S HARP SOLO) Harmonica Tab

Songwriter(s): No Information
Key: C
Harp Type: Chromatic
Skill: Any

How Come How Long (STEVIE’S HARP SOLO) Harmonica Tab


I Cant believe this hasnt been posted till now, but yet again im
extremely honoured to present yet another of Stevie’s Harp work

I am fully aware that Stevie wrote and recorded the original, however
he did re record it with Babyface (Kenneth brian Edmonds)in 2002 I
it was a duet as Stevie sings in it also, it was quite a big hit you
may recall.

Again this isn’t a tab of the song its the Tab of Stevie’s solo at
2:58 in the song.
to make it easier for you folks to learn ive broken it down by the
riffs and the pauses in the solo so that you know where you are and
going to.

without further adieu here it is

NOTE* when you see < it means play the hole with THE SLIDE BAR PRESSED IN. when you see notes in brackets its one of stevie's trademark trills (basically three or more notes played rapidly by pushing in and releasing the bar rapidly) This tab is dedicated to WALTP yet again ENJOY BUDDY!! 02:58 7,7,-7,7,(-7,<-7,-8)-8,-7,-8,(-8,<-8)-8,-7 (-7,<-7,-7)7 7,7,7,7,-7,7,(-7,,-7,-8)7,-7,(-7,<-7,-7,-7) -6,<-6,<-6,-5,4+5,-3,4+5,-3,4+5,-3,<-3 (-3,<-3,-3,<-2) -5,6,7,-7,7,(-7,<-7,-8)-9,10,-11,<11 (-11,<-11,-12hold) <12,,12,12,<12,12,<12,12 12 hold, -11,<-11,-11,-11,<-11,11,<-11,-11,<-11, -11,<-11,<-11,11,10,11,10,-9,-8,-7 (-7,<-7,-7)7,6,-5,-4,<-5 hold,-5,6 the final solo or outro is virtually identical to this one! ENJOY!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

How Come How Long (STEVIE’S HARP SOLO) Lyrics

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How Come How Long (STEVIE’S HARP SOLO) Harmonica Tab

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