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As Time Goes By (STEVIE’S HARP BITS) Harmonica Tab

Songwriter(s): No Information
Key: C
Harp Type: Chromatic
Skill: Any

As Time Goes By (STEVIE’S HARP BITS) Harmonica Tab


Howdy folks

I am excited beyond belief as well as honoured and humbled to present
these two tabs to you!!
This particular version of the song is in itself very special and
incredibly dear to me
And by the time your done im sure you too!
it is without a doubt not only signature Stevie but among his best
works ever!

Before we get into it there is some “very special background” to this
version and a behind the scenes story which if you do not know would
mean you would miss more than half of what’s REALLY going on!.
This version is By Carly Simon and was done back in 1987 and although
the first few verses are the song we all know The rest of it is in
fact a mass and parody of lines from “Casablanca” the movie that made
this song famous. So for those of you that haven’t seen in, go watch
it so that you know what’s going on.
Also to her credit Carly as you will hear has managed to take Stevie’s
guest appearance and literally incorporate him into the song! As well
as “profess her love for him!” 3:24 in the song (You better believe
it, when I tell you that i mean it, of all of these, gin joints, you
HAD to walk into mine!
Carly went to great lengths to get Stevie to play with her after two
of his songs really touched her for reasons that will become obvious
to you soon and make up the biggest “in story”. At the time Stevie
had done and released “Boogie on Reggae Woman” and “How come how long”
(this song was re done in the early 2002 by Babyface and Stevie which
includes two solo’s from Stevie that you can find posted here by me!)

Both songs celebrate Women and how come how long speaks out against
domestic violence and attacks on Women something Carly knows about,
his political statement at the time about this subject is what
endeared Stevie to her and made her seek him out! He was also until
late last year (2010) one of very few privy to the secrets behind her
world famous smash hit “Your so vain” which brings me to the big in
Up until now it was believed and recorded and noted that the song was
about WARREN BEATTY! However anyone who checked would know that they
After his arrest and conviction for Murder (Lana Clarkson) this
Hollywood heavyweight
PHIL SPECTOR!!was exposed and the reports of his hot temper and
battering women over many years came to light!. Amongst those he
battered was CARLY SIMON!! The song is in fact ABOUT HIM!! Something
that Stevie knew prior to his arrest, and one of the reasons Stevie
left his label!
Something that she is STILL angry about! (you can tell by the disgust
in her voice when she says HIM see below)
Now many of you would not know that Stevie for many years played under
a pseudonym which was “Eivets Rednow” (Stevie wonder spelled
“little Stevie wonder” was discovered and signed he was “owned” by the
label (Tamla) and although he wanted to do it all, he was prevented
because Blues and Jazz and reggae etc “Dont sell and wasn’t a
commercial market” furthermore they put him on ice so speak from 16-21
due to puberty and voice changes, however he did rack up album credits
as a composer, percussionist, keyboardist and harmonica player (for
Motown)( Harmonica for: the Trammps, The Temptations, Diana Ross,
Herbie Hancock, Norman Brown, The Spinners, 4 tops, Barbara Streisand
to name some)
But it didn’t stop Stevie! Tamla owned “little Stevie wonder and
Stevie wonder” they did not own Eivets Rednow. So under this name he
sang and played for an alternative label namely PHIL SPECTORS label!!
As well as being a guest player on other artist works on that label,
and although she wanted to work with Stevie at the time was
“prevented” from doing so, something Carly knew well and is in fact
what she is referring to at 3:44 in the song when she says “You played
it for HIM now, so you GOT to play it for me, play it STEVIE!!”
SO NOW YOU ALL KNOW TOO!!! I hope you found it enlightening and

Stevie plays throughout this song after 2:10 and includes two solo’s
as well as many harp fills. so as stated this a a two part tab.
this first tab contains note for note every harp riff, and fill
throughout the song. Tab two contains both solo’s including the 1:30
outro solo

without further adieu here it is

NOTE* when you see < it means play the hole with THE SLIDE BAR PRESSED IN.when you see notes in brackets its one of stevie's trademark trills(basically three or more notes played rapidly by pushing in and releasing the bar rapidly)ENJOY!!!2:10 (STEVIES 1ST SOLO)3:111,<1,<-1,<-2,<-3 <4+5,<3,<3,<-2 <4+5,-5,<4+5,<-3,<3,<-23:27-3,<-2,<-23:34<4+5,<-5,-5,4+5,<4+53:37-3,-3,<3,<-2,<-2 -3,<-3,<4+5,<-5,-5<4+53:45<-5,<-63:47<4+5,<-5,<-53:49 (STEVIES 2ND SOLO AND OUTRO)ENJOY!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

As Time Goes By (STEVIE’S HARP BITS) Lyrics

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As Time Goes By (STEVIE’S HARP BITS) Harmonica Tab

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As Time Goes By (STEVIE’S HARP BITS) Harmonica Tabs