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Old Texas Harmonica Tab

Songwriter(s): No Information
Key: F
Harp Type: Diatonic
Skill: Any

Old Texas Harmonica Tab


Verse 1:

-2 4 5 6 -2 4 5 6
I’m goin’ to leave (I’m goin’ to leave)

-66 5 4 5 -66 5 4 5
Ol’ Tex-as now, (ol’ Tex-as now,)

-2 4 5 -4 -2 4 5 -4
They’ve got no use (they’ve got no use)

5 -4 4 3 4
For the long-horned cow.

5 -4 4 3 4
(for the long-horned cow.)

Verse 2:

They’ve plowed and fenced
my cattle range,
And the people there
are all so strange.

Verse 3:

I’ll take my horse,
I’ll take my rope,
And hit the trail
upon a lope.

Verse 4:

I’ll bid adios
to the Alamo,
And set my face
toward Mexico.

Verse 5:

I’ll spend my days
on the wide, wide range,
for the people there
are not so strange.

Verse 6:

The hard, hard ground
will be my bed,
and the saddle seat
will hold my head.

Verse 7:

And when I waken
from my dreams,
I’ll eat my bread and my sardines.

Old Texas Lyrics

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Old Texas Harmonica Tab

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