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Menino da Porteira Harmonica Tab

Songwriter(s): No Information
Key: C
Harp Type: Diatonic
Skill: Beginner

Menino da Porteira Harmonica Tab


5 6 5 4
Oh, where, oh, where

-3 4 -4 -4 -3 3
has my little dog gone?

6 -6 6 -5 5 -4 6
Oh, where, oh, where can he be?

5 5 6 5 4
With his ears cut short

-3 4 -4 -4 -3 3
and his tail cut long,

6 -6 6 -55 -4 4
Oh, where, oh where is he?

Note: In grade school, during WWII, we had
a parody of this we sang for fun. It refers
to Rudolph Hess, Hitler’s #2 man, who either
went on his own or at Hitler’s instruction to
try to “negotiate” peace with Great Britain.
His plane was shot down over Scotland and Hess,
captured, never got to fulfill the mission and
spent the rest of his life in solitary confinement
in an English prison. Here’s that version.

Oh, where, oh, where has my Rudolph gone?
Oh, where, oh, where can he be?
I sent him to England a long time ago.
Oh, where, oh, where could he be?

Menino da Porteira Lyrics

Menino da Porteira Harmonica Tab

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