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Cornbread and Butterbeans Harmonica Tab

Songwriter(s): No Information
Key: C
Harp Type: Chromatic
Skill: Beginner

Cornbread and Butterbeans Harmonica Tab


No sign= Blow.

– = Draw.

_ = elongated or hold note

‘ = stacatto or quick notes

Feel free to revise as this is the simplest I can make it. This little tab can cover whole song.

It is simple, however, (depending on how you want to play it) if you want to keep note by word… it is fast and can get short of breath quick. Practice makes better.

Note: For the intrumental opening, it is the same but if you want to sound like the fiddle you can scale in (2 3 4) then bend(~) the 5’s.

It should go ~5 4 ~5 ‘4’4.. then continue like the rest.

5 ‘4 ‘4 ‘5 4 4 5 ‘4’3 ‘2 ‘1 -3

Corn bread & Butter beans and you across the table

-‘5 -‘4 4 -‘5 -‘5-‘4 4

Eatin’ them beans and makin’ love

4 -5 -‘4 -‘3 -‘2 -‘1 4

as long as I am able

That’s pretty much it for the simple version. CCD rock.

Cornbread and Butterbeans Lyrics

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Cornbread and Butterbeans Harmonica Tab

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