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Candy Man Blues Harmonica Tab

Songwriter(s): No Information
Key: A
Harp Type: Chromatic
Skill: Any

Candy Man Blues Harmonica Tab


Mississippi John Hurt
Key: A

A (Asus4)
-3 4* -5 -3 4* -5 4*
All you lad-ies gath-er ’round
A (Asus4)
2 -3 -3 4* -5 5* -5 5*
The good sweet can-dy man’s in town
E7 A
-4 -4 -4 7* -7 -7
Can-dy man Can-dy man

He likes a stick of candy just nine inch long
He sells as fast a hog can chew his corn
It’s the candy man…
All heard what sister Johnson said
She always takes a candy stick to bed
Don’t stand close to the candy man
He’ll leave a big candy stick in your hand
He sold some candy to sister Bad
The very next day she took all he had
If you try his candy, good friend of mine,
you sure will want it for a long long time
His stick candy don’t melt away
It just gets better, so the ladies say

Candy Man Blues Lyrics

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Candy Man Blues Harmonica Tab

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Candy Man Blues Harmonica Tabs