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Border Affair Harmonica Tab

Songwriter(s): No Information
Key: Any
Harp Type: Diatonic
Skill: Beginner

Border Affair Harmonica Tab


This is a Cowboy Waltz. The melody is from an old Irish drinking
tune. Like many Irish and Scottish melodies, the American immigrants
adopted new lyrics for their favorite melodies to fit their new

Span-ish is, the lov-in tongue,
5 6 6 4 6d 7 7

Soft as laughter, light as spray,
5 6 6 5 5d 5 4d

‘Twas a girl he learned it from,
5 6 6 4 6d 7 7

Liv-in down So-nor-a way.
5 6 6 5 5 4d 4

Nights when she knew where he’d ride,
She would listen for his spurs,
Throw the big door open wide,
Raise those laughin’ eyes to his.

First chorus.
He don’t look much like a lo-ver,
7 7 7d 6 6d 7 6d 6

Yet he says her love words o-ver,
5 6 6 5 5 4 5 4d

Of-ten when he’s all a-lone,
5 6 6 4 6d 7 7

Mi amor, mi co-ra-zon
5 6 6 5 5 4d 4

Then one night he had to fly,
O’er a foolish gamblin’ fight,
So they said a swift goodbye,
In that black unlucky night.

Never seen her since that night,
He can’t cross the line you know,
She was Mex, and he was white,
Like as not, it’s better so.

Second chorus:
Yet he’s always sorta missed,
And that last wild night he kissed her,
Left her heart, and lost his own,
Adios, mi corazone.

Oft’ he longs to go back where,
He can kiss her violet hair,
Kiss her lips as soft as dove,
Tell her that his love lives on.

Repeat second chorus.

There are tons of variations on the words, and many, many more

Border Affair Lyrics

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Border Affair Harmonica Tab

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Border Affair Harmonica Tabs