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Aussie Jingle Bells Harmonica Tab

Songwriter(s): No Information
Key: A
Harp Type: Diatonic
Skill: Beginner

Aussie Jingle Bells Harmonica Tab


Dash-ing through the bush,
In a rus-ty Hol-den ute,
Kick-ing up the dust,
Es-ky in the boot,
Kel-pie by my side,
Sing-ing Christ-mas songs,
It’s sum-mer time and I am in,
My sing-let, shorts and thongs.

6 5 5 5 5 5 5
Oh, Jing-le Bells, Jing-le Bells,
5 6 4 -4 5
Jing-le all the way,
-5 -5 -5 -5 -5 5
Christ-mas in Aus-tral-ia,
5 5 5 -4 -4 5 -4
On a scorch-ing sum-mer’s day,
6 5 5 5 5 5 5
Oh Jing-le Bells, Jing-le Bells,
5 6 4 -4 5
Christ-mas time is beaut,
-5 -5 -5 -5 -5 5 5
Oh what fun it is to ride,
5 5 6 6 -5 -4 4
In a rus-ty Hol-den ute.

Engine’s get-ting hot,
Dodge the kang-a-roos,
Swag-gie climbs a-board,
He is wel-come too,
All the fam-ily’s there,
Sit-ting by the pool,
Christ-mas day, the Aus-sie way,
By the B-B-Q.


Come the after-noon,
Grand-pa has a doze,
The kids and Unc-le Bruce,
Are swim-ming in their clothes,
The time comes round to go,
We take a fam-ily snap,
Then pack the car and all shoot through,
Be-fore the wash-ing up!


Aussie Jingle Bells Lyrics

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Aussie Jingle Bells Harmonica Tab

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Aussie Jingle Bells Harmonica Tabs