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The Star-Spangled Banner (Double Bass) Harmonica Tab

Songwriter(s): No Information
Key: Bb
Harp Type: Chromatic
Skill: Beginner

The Star-Spangled Banner (Double Bass) Harmonica Tab


The Star-Spangled Banner Double Bassist
Lyrics by Francis Scott Key
Music by John Stafford Smith
Key of Bb Major Range: Bb1 to Bb3

This is the double-bassistís part of
The Star-Spangled Banner Harp Quartet. It requires either an Extended
Double Bass Hohner 268, or a Suzuki SDB-39

Double Bass Notations: Blow only
L = lower harp u = upper harp

3/4 Time

1. Oh,__ say, can you see____ by the dawnís
2. On the shore dim-ly seen___ throí the mists
3. And___ where is that band___ who so vaunt-
4. Oh,___ thus be it ev__ – _er when free-
u11_ u11 L14 L16 u18___ L16 L16 u11

1. ear-ly light, What so proud ñ ly we hailíd
2. of the deep, Where the foeís haught-y host_
3.-ing-ly swore, That the hav – oc of war__
4.-men shall stand Be ñ tween their loved home_
L17 L13 L16__ L16_____ u11__ L13 L14 L16__

1. at the twi-lightís last gleaming, Whose broad
2. in dread si ñ lance re ñ po – ses, What is
3. and the bat – tleís conñ fu -sion, A___________
4. and wild warís des ñ o ñ la ñ tion; Blessed with
L16 L16 u11 u11 L16 L14 u11 u11_________

1. stripes and bright stars, throí the per–il–ous
2. that with the breeze, oíer the tow–er–ing
3. home and a coun ñ try should leave us no
4. vic ñ tíry and peace, may the heavín-res-cued
u11 L14 L16 u18___ L16 L16 u11 L17 L13

1. fight,__ Oíer the ram___ ñ parts we watchíd,__
2. steep,__ As it fit___ ñ ful ñ ly blows,____
3. more?___ Their blood_ has washíd out_______
4. land,___ Praise the Powír__ that hath made______
L16_____ L16 L16 u11 L13 L13 L16______

1. were so gal – lant – ly stream ñ ing? And the
2. half con-ceals, half dis ñ clos – es? Now it
3. their foul foot – stepsí pol ñ lu – tion. No_____
4. and pre-servíd us a na – tion! Then___
L16 L16 u11 u18 L16 L14 u11 u18____

1. rock -etsí red glare,_ the bombs burst ñ ing in
2. catch-es the gleam__ of the morn ñ ingís first
3. ref – uge could save___ the______ hire ñ ing and
4. con ñ quer we must,__ when our cause it is
u18 u18 u18 u18____ u18 L17 L16 L16 L16

1. air,___ Gave____ proof throí the night____
2. beam,__ In full glo ñ ry re-flect —
3. slave__ From the ter – ror of flight____
4. just,__ And_____ this be our mot____ –
L16____ L16_____ u11__ u11 u11 L9_______

1. that our flag was still there,_______
2. ñed, now shines on the stream:______
3. or the gloom of the grave:_______
4. ñto: ìIn God is our trust!î______
L9 L10 u11 L10 L6 L16__________

1. Oh,___ say does that____ star ñ spang – led
2.ëTis the star-spang-gled___ ban ñ ner: oh,
3. And the star-spang-gled___ ban – ner in
4. And the star-spang-gled___ ban – ner in
L9_____ u11 L14 u11____ u7 u7 L7

1. ban ñ ner____ yet____ wave,_____ Oíer the land
2. long may____ it_____ wave,_____ Oíer the land
3. tri ñ umph___ doth___ wave,_____ Oíer the land
4. tri ñ umph___ shall__ wave,_____ Oíer the land
L6 L6__L7 u7_L8 L9________ L9 L9 u4

1. of___ the___ free______, and__ the home___
2. of___ the___ free______, and__ the home___
3. of___ the___ free______, and__ the home___
4. of___ the___ free______, and__ the home___
u11_______ L10__ L10 L10____

1. of the brave.____________
2. of the brave.____________
3. of the brave.____________
4. of the brave.____________
L9 L9 u4________________

The Star-Spangled Banner (Double Bass) Lyrics

The Star-Spangled Banner (Double Bass) Harmonica Tab

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