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Simple Man Harmonica Tab

Songwriter(s): No Information
Key: B
Harp Type: Any
Skill: Beginner

Simple Man Harmonica Tab


Play smooth .
Intro: (-3) ——- (-4) ——— (-3) —–
(-4)(-5)—(-4)(-5)—- +4 (-4) +4—– (-4) (-4) (-6)—– +6
— +5—-
—(-4)– +4 ——(+4)———
Mama told me when—I was young.
–(-4)——–(-3) +3 ———
Come sit beside me My only son,
–(-4)- (-5)—— +5—————
And listen closely —- to what I say
—-(-4) — +5 —–(-4)———-
and if you do this,It will help you
+4 —– +3 +3—-
Some sunny day.
FILL 1 🙁 +4 +5 ) +6 (+4 +5) +3——-
(-3) (-5) +5—-(-4)—(-5) +4——-

Take your time— dont live too fast
Trouble will come–and day will pass. Go find a woman and
you’ll find love,
and forget Son —-there is some above.

Verse: And be a simple–Kind of man.

Be something you love—And understand.

Be a simple —-Kind of man

Won’t you do this–for me son,

If you can.
(( FILL 2 Same that fill one.))
Forget your last for –The rich mans gold.
All that! want for you—
My son is to be satisfied.


Boy don’t you Worry–You’ll find yourself.
Follow you Heart and nothing else.
And you can do this iy you try—
All I want for you my son,
is to be satisfied.
(Verse:) And be a simple———
Nice song and with your feeling ,you gone play like you feel

Simple Man Lyrics

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Simple Man Harmonica Tab

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