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Fare Thee Well (Dinks song) chords & everything LYRIC

Songwriter(s): No Information
Key: D
Harp Type: Diatonic
Skill: Any

Fare Thee Well (Dinks song) chords & everything Harmonica Tab

Fare thee well O Honey

(Dink’s song)

Diatonic tab from music notes in Key D

¾ time sig. with guitar chords of


With the advent of the Coen brothers film

“Inside Llewyn Davis” inspired by

Dave Van Ronk’s memoir

“The Mayor Of MacDougal Street”

I give you this version from the

collection of Traditional folk songs by

Alan Lomax

Also the Dave Van Ronk version for guitar

He did this in 6/8 time Key of G.

Lyrics for this song are varied DvR

starts his with Lomax’s 6th verse

D———————- D7

4 5 6 6 -6 -6 6~~ 5 5

When I// wore my a-pron/low could-n’t/


5 5~~~4 -4 5 -4~ 4 5

Keep you—from my/door Fare thee/

D————– A7———D—–

7~~~~ -6 6 5 -4~~~ 4 4

Well—-O/honey Fare thee/well /


D——————- D7–

when I wore my apron high

——- G———————-

sca’sely ever seed you passin’ by

chorus. Fare the well etc


When my apron come unpin

Pass my door an’ you wouldn’ come in


If I had a-lissened what mama said

I’d been a-sleepin’ in mama’s bed


One of these days an’it won’t be long

You’ll call my name and I’ll be gone


If I had wings like Noah’s Dove

I’d fly up the river to the man I love


Here is a version for guitar chords

In key G, 3/4 time

Intro chords G///-/// Em///-/// x 2

Em G C D

If I had wings~~~~~ like Noahs~~~ dove~~~

D Em C D

I’d fly up the river~~~ to the one I love~~


D G Em

Fare thee well~~ Oh honey~~~~~

C D G Em/// ///G/// ///

Fare~~~ thee~~~ well~~~~

Em G C G

The woman I love~~~ is long and tall~~~

G Em C G

She moves her body like a cannonball

Chorus as before

Fare thee well etc

Em G C G

Early one morning~~ drizzlin’ rain~~~


In my heart~~ I felt an aching pain


Fare thee well etc

Em G C G

One of these mornings~~~ it won’t be long

G Em C D

You’ll call my name~~ and I’ll be gone


Fare thee well etc

Then return to v1 followed by chorus

And finish with your intro chords

Fare Thee Well (Dinks song) chords & everything Lyrics

Fare Thee Well (Dinks song) chords & everything Harmonica Tab

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