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Blues riff (slow) Harmonica Tab

Songwriter(s): No Information
Key: Any
Harp Type: Diatonic

Blues riff (slow) Harmonica Tab


This is a really nice very slow blues riff i play a bit. Really
emphisise the draw bends to make it sound great.

SB Scoopbend, start unbend and bend down and then relise back up.
sounds like wee-oo-wee.

-4SB -3′
-4SB -3’3-3′
-3’4-4’4-3’2-2(wah o wah)~~ linger
As an intro slow and easy then:


Repeat this 4 or 5 times and build pace as you go, and try to aviod
gaps in plaing, then finish with:
-3′-3sb~~3 slide 2 1 -1 -2 2 1 -1

It sounds great when time well but that you have to figure out

Blues riff (slow) Lyrics

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Blues riff (slow) Harmonica Tab

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Blues riff (slow) Harmonica Tabs