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Product Name: Lee Oskar

Product Description: The major diatonic harmonica is the most commonly used tuning for playing blues, rock, country folk & Jazz. Major diatonic Harps are produced by several manufacturers using various names such as blues harp, Marine Band, Golden melody, big River, special 20, Pro harp, folk master, star performer, etc.

Brand: Lee Oskar


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Although the cover plates are stamped with a variety of different names for marketing purposes, All of these harmonicas have the exact same notation layout as the Lee Oskar major diatonic. The most important difference is in the quality of materials, construction, design and sound. Lee Oscars are the best harmonicas in the world, and that’s not just our opinion. All over the world, professional players prefer Lee Oskar Harps over any Other brand.


  • Excellent projection during play
  • Reed plates are easily replaceable, which means the instrument itself has longevity
  • Easy to learn on – excellent beginner harmonica
  • Playability is high quality


  • Internal comb made of plastic over wood, so the sound isn’t as warm
  • Can go out of tune quickly

Lee Oskar Harmonica Revews – To be a beginner learner of the harmonica, you’ll appreciate durable of the Lee Oskar harmonica. The price of this occurence one is in preserving the beginner profile, too, as no one for you to pay over the odds for an instrument that may hate learning. And also a concerned, though, as are going to love the quality of the Lee Oskar harmonica over most other types.

While it may be evenly priced and ready for anyone of any level to play, the Lee Oskar harmonica one of the best in the industry for power. The sound is way above average, and the tone is consistent. Synonymous with country stars and rock players, the Lee Oskar harmonica has a bright, clear sound that is consistent throughout play.

One of the items which stands out the most with the Lee Oskar harmonica is the reeds. They don’t have much space, which means that there is very little a*sociated with the air leaking during play, ensuring that smooth sound you want. The Lee Oskar harmonica can also have three screws attaching the reeds to the outer structure, so when they need changing, it’s a simple job.

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