Harmonica Buying Guide – Harmonicas can be supplied in multitudes of makes, types, sizes and musical keys. A number of the popular types include Diatonic, Chromatic, Tremolo and Octave tuned.

To create it quick and simple for your first selection of harmonica, Eagle Music explains here the types of music that may be played to them and the best option type of harmonica to choose.

If you are an absolute beginner we advise that you get a ten opening single reed diatonic harmonica in the key of C (they are also our cheapest harmonicas. But don’t go for the least expensive in the number! The better the grade of the instrument you buy, the greater reliable and easier it’ll be to play).

Diatonic harmonicas are also known as ‘Harp’ or ‘Blues Harp’, they may be utilized by many experts playing Rock and roll, Blues, Jazz, Folk and Country Music. Diatonic harmonicas are ‘Richter’ tuned this means they don’t have all the records of the scales throughout their selection of octaves, they just have one full major level.

Nearly all tutor books for beginners are written for a C harmonica and on any a*sociated CDs or Dvd disks the player (on the Compact disc/Dvd and blu-ray) will be playing a harmonica in the main element of C. At Eagle music we’ve an extensive range of teacher books, music books,CD’s and DVD’s for the complete newbie,intermediate and advanced player.

Extra reed plates are plentiful for many of the numerous of the diatonic harmonicas that can be purchased by Eagle Music Shop. If you are ‘useful’ it is less expensive to fit an upgraded set of reed plates than it is to displace the complete harmonica.

A Chromatic Harmonica is the decision if you are a proficient musician. They have an array of notes including sharps and flats that are accessible by pressing in a slider that opens another group of reeds in the harmonica. The Chromatic harmonica may be used to play all types of music. Typically you play more of the primary melody of a track or tune on a chromatic rather than playing chords as on the diatonic.

The chromatic harmonica may also be used to great impact in blues, but its musical versatility also helps it be ideal for countless other styles and it‘s additionally noticed playing jazz, classical music, pop, spirit or requirements. Accomplished players have the ability to play practically any type of music upon this instrument.

Solo-Tuned harmonicas are great for playing tunes and solos because they have all the notes of the scale (in accordance with the key that this harmonica is tuned in) throughout their selection of octaves. They could be considered in the same course as the chromatic harmonica in its use, therefore ideal for Classical, Irish, Jazz, Rock, Pop and the Blues.

Harmonica Buying Guide

A straightforward guide for choosing the right harmonica for different music styles

Irish and Scottish folk music

Diatonic Harmonica Buying Guide

Diatonic Harmonicas

Popular models for Irish music to play reels, jigs etc is a diatonic in the main element of ‘G’ it can help if you come with an airtight, responsive, well-tuned harp. For Scottish music, harmonicas in the key of the are much used.The very best available ‘off-the-shelf’ models have the plastic or metal comb (the bit in the centre!). Models we recommend are: Seydel, Mix Harp, Meisterclass, Golden Melody, Suzuki Pro Grasp, Lee Oskar by Tombo and Hering Blues & Dark Blues.

Tremolo Harmonicas

Tremolo harmonicas are also a great choice for Irish music because they have a nice, accordion-like sound, suitable to folk music. They are usually tuned like diatonics e.g. on the 3-octave harp – the very first octave is DO RE MI SO TI DO. 2nd octave is full. 3rd octave is DO RE MI FA SO LA DO. This is restrictive, for example, many tunes played on a ‘D’ whistle would fall beyond your scope of the ‘D’ tremolo.

And yes it is very hard to bend records on the tremolo harmonica. One answer is to buy a great big one (four to six 6 octaves!), another is to buy a model which is solo-tuned, ie all its octaves are full. The Tombo ‘Music group Deluxe’ is an excellent choice.

Chromatic Harmonica Buying Guide

Chromatic harmonicas

Physically easy and simple kind of harmonica to try out folk music with as it isn’t necessary to perform difficult bends and a complete chromatic scale is available. They may be however, an extremely different device to the 10 gap diatonic. At |Eagle Music shop we recommend the Seydel, Hohner and Hering range. If you’re ever round the Manchester area, research Mat Walklate: a great traditional player of the instruments.

Blues Music

A diatonic. Choose a quality harmonica made by Seydel, Hering, Hohner, Suzuki and Lee Oskar by Tombo.

R&B, Rock and roll and pop music

A diatonic. or in some cases a chromatic. Select a quality harmonica created by Seydel, Hering, Hohner, Suzuki and Lee Oskar by Tombo.
Classical Music

A Chromatic. Choose a quality harmonica made by Seydel, Hering, Hohner and Suzuki.

Jazz Music

A Chromatic and in some instances a diatonic ..Select a quality harmonica created by Seydel, Hering, Hohner, Suzuki and Le Oskar by Tombo.
Here we’ve given you some Q&A’s to help expand a*sist your buying decision.

Harmonica Buying Guide FAQS

Q. I am not used to the harmonica,which should i buy?

A: Typically the most popular harmonica for an entire newbie is a 10 hole Diatonic or Blues harmonica in the main element of C. Most beginner tuition books are along with a CD for the reason that same key (C) with music and instruction that you should play along to.

Q.What do prices begin from?

A: Beginner harmonicas in comparison to most devices can be quite affordable. You can purchase a good quality harmonica for under £10.

Q. I am an enhancing player and need to get a much better harmonica.

A: Amazon stock the world’s top brands including Hohner, Seydel, Suzuki and Hering. We’ve dedicated personnel who play all sorts of harmonicas with many years of experience both on / off stage who are able to help you opt for more professional quality harmonica.Turn to pay £30 upwards for a good professional quality harmonica

Q. What about after sales and maintenance of my harmonica?

A: There is certainly hardly any maintenance needed on a harmonica if properly taken care of. However we can provide you advice on what things to consider and any improvements or repairs you might need.

Q. What type of warranties do harmonicas include?

A: Once you obtain a harmonica from us we offer you 7 days to ensure it’s playable. We are always open to talk with if you have a concern further down the road for advice. Producer warranties differ but do include cover. Regrettably harmonicas aren’t protected for wear, unintentional harm, negligence or tampering.

Q. How about harmonica accessories. Do Amazon Music sell accessories too?

A: Absolutely. At Amazon Music we bring a large collection of quality accessories including top quality alternative reed plates, throat brackets, maintenance kits, pickups, instances etc. All you will ever need!

Q. What will the ‘Key’ mean?

A: This implies ‘Key personal’ and put will regulate how high or lower in the music scale you desire to be.

Q. I wish to play the blues. What harmonica is most beneficial for me?

A: The blues can be played of all types of harmonica. Mostly it is performed on the 10 opening diatonic or blues harmonica and it was called! The harmonica key you get depends upon what key the tune you would like to learn or play along to.

Q. Where will be the best harmonicas made?

A: Harmonicas today are designed all over the world. The oldest manufacturers are Seydel located in Germany as are Hohner. Suzuki and Lee Oskars are Japanese and Hering are Brazilian. These big 5 manufacturers have condition of the artwork factories producing several different types of harmonicas. Certainly Germany has a good reputation and background of producing fine harmonicas.


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