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Crow Jane Harmonica Tab

Songwriter(s): No Information
Key: F
Harp Type: Chromatic
Skill: Any

Crow Jane Harmonica Tab


Big Bill Broonzy, Skip James,
Brownie McGee
Key: E

E B7
7* 7* 7* -6*
Crow Jane, Crow Jane,
-8 -8 -7 7 6 -3
Don’t hold your head so high
E7 B7
6 7 77* -4 -4
‘Cause some-day ba-by,
-4 -4 -4 7 6 5* 6
you got to lay down and die

I dug her grave, with a silver spade
Ain’t nobody gonna take
My Crow Jane’s place

You know I let her down,
With a golden chain
And every link I would call
My Crow Jane’s name

I never missed my water,
Till my well runs dry
Didn’t miss Crow Jane
Until the day she died

Crow Jane, Crow Jane
What makes you hold your head so high
Someday, baby, you’re gonna
Lay down and die.

Crow Jane Lyrics

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Crow Jane Harmonica Tab

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