Key: C

Genre: General

Harp Type: Diatonic

Skill: Intermediate

Long Train Runnin

Here is the tab for “Long Train Runnin’” by the Doobie Brothers. The
only way I can make this sound close to correct is by using the pucker
method (opposed to the tongue block, which I have grown accustom
to)on most of the sounds. This is because there are some pretty rapid
bends. Maybe if your a bad mofo when it comes to bending you can
squeeze by this problem.

*Note: I find that many of the quick bends are easily produced by sort
of whistling backwards while tongueing the word “to, two or too” while
sucking in air. Whichever you prefer.

The tab isn’t 100% correct, but it gives a good frame to work around.
Any input is appreciated

-Long Train Runnin-

-4(b)-4-4(b)-4 ~~-4(B)-4-4(b)-4-4(b)-4-4(b)-4~`..

…-4 3 3 3 3 3 3

~~-4-4(b)-4-4(b)-4(b)~` -5 5\3 3 -4 ~~[-5,-6]~`

44-4(b)-4-4(b)-4-4(b)-4-4(b) [6,7] -5-4 4 -2-2-2-2-2-2 -5\-3

Legend:(b)=bend , [#,#]= both,
Oh yeah a negative in front of the number dictates a draw.

~~ #######~`=vibrato,

\=slide down, /=slide up

As I have stated prior, this is just a frame to work off of. The dude
playing harmonica (Tom Johnston?) whips it all out pretty fast, so you
will have to listen to it to get a good feel of it.