Key: F
Genre: Folk
Harp Type: Any
Skill: Beginner
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Key of F Major
Requires either a Hohner 268 or Suzuki SDB-39
Range:  C2 to L16

The Double Bass is Blow only. 
This is played on the lower harp only.

    L6     L9____ L9 L9     L11  L10__  L9  L10
 1. Should auld__ ac-quaint-ance be___  for-got,
 2. And    sure — ly you’ll buy  your_  pint cup!
 3. We     two__ have run   a –  bout_  the slopes,
 4. We     two__ have pad – dled in___  the stream,
 5. And   there’s  a  hand  my   tru__- sty friend!

    L11 L9  L9___ L11      L13   L14_____ 
 1. And nev-er___ brought  to    mind?____
 2. And sur-ly___ I’ll     buy   mine!____
 3. And pick-ed__ the    daisies fine;____
 4. From mor-ning sun     till   dine;____
 5. And give us a hand     o’    thine!___

    L16 L14 L13___ L11 L11   L9     L10__ L9    L10
 1. Should_ auld__ ac-quaint-ance    be__ for - got,
 2. And____ we’ll_ take  a   cup     of__ kind- ness  
 3. But____ we’ve_ wan-dered many a  wear_-y    foot,
 4. But____ seas__ be-tween  us      broad have roared,
 5. And____ we’ll_ take  a   right   good –will draught

    L11    L9    L7  L7   L6   L9________
 1. And    days__ of auld lang syne._____
 2. yet    for_____  auld lang syne._____
 3. since  auld____  lang_____ syne._____
 4. since  auld____  lang_____ syne._____
 5. for    auld____  lang_____ syne._____

     L14  L13_ L11 L11  L9 L10___ L9 L10   L14 L13__L11 L11 L13 L14____
1-5. For  auld____ lang___ syne,_ my dear, for  auld___ lang___ syne.__

   L16L14L13___ L11  L11  L9  L10___ L9   L10    L11 L9__L7 L7___L6 L9___
 1.We’ll take__  a   cup  of   kind– ness yet,   for auld__ lang___ syne.   
 2.We’ll take__  a   cup  of   kind– ness yet,   for auld__ lang___ syne.
 3.We’ve wan__-dered man – y a wear– y    foot,  for auld__ lang___ syne. 
 4.But   seas__  be- tween us  broad have roared, for auld_ lang___ syne.
 5.And   we’ll_ take  a   right good –will draught for auld lang___ syne.

Optional Humorous last verse (from Garrison Keillor’s 2006 New Year's Eve Special): 

I think of all the great, high hearts 
I had when I was young!
And now who are these sad old farts
I find myself among?

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